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10:11pm 09/07/2005
  uhmm.. i'm back?  

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

05:54pm 10/08/2004
mood: excited

haha Yeah, once again I moved to http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/switchkill (my GJ)

Chelsea signed up with GJ and she doesn't wanna be alone there, so I'm going back lmao!! xDD

C'mon follow me!! I got Pooooocky!!! *winks*

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back, after a day.   
02:53pm 10/08/2004
mood: amused
I moved back to my LJ because no one would leave me any fucking comments in my GJ. Damn, I had it for fucking one day. Thats a record!

Omgsh! Andrea IMed me to day!! It was funny!(sorry for mispellings)

Kairi of Heart14: where did you get that nasty

Kairi of Heart14: you know that nasty horrible
candy that i was tricked into eatting

PsychoPlushBunny: haha

PsychoPlushBunny: you ate the candy

PsychoPlushBunny: the nun gave it to me

Kairi of Heart14: what REALLY

PsychoPlushBunny: its from a dirty place called "Mexico"

Kairi of Heart14: ahahaha llllllll

PsychoPlushBunny: have you ever heard of this "Mexico"??

Kairi of Heart14: lllllllllll

Kairi of Heart14: rofl

Kairi of Heart14: mexico really is filthy

Kairi of Heart14: aaaaaaah I ate candy from

PsychoPlushBunny: HAHAHA YEAH

PsychoPlushBunny: Its Pronunciation is 'mek-si-"kO

PsychoPlushBunny: haha

Kairi of Heart14: llllll

Kairi of Heart14: eeew I still have the shit on a

PsychoPlushBunny: AHHHAHAHAHA

PsychoPlushBunny: eww

PsychoPlushBunny: eat it!!

PsychoPlushBunny: EAT IT!!

PsychoPlushBunny: hahaha

PsychoPlushBunny: yummmmm shit

PsychoPlushBunny: on a stcik

PsychoPlushBunny: stick-

Kairi of Heart14: lllllllll

Kairi of Heart14: HA! you've gone to mexico

PsychoPlushBunny: When I go to Manhattan, I'll take a picture of
homeless for you

PsychoPlushBunny: I'm going to Manhattan, and Lake George

Kairi of Heart14: YAY!!! I can't wait

PsychoPlushBunny: not Mexico

PsychoPlushBunny: I'll try to get their sign too

PsychoPlushBunny: "Hey homeless, give me you sign!"

Kairi of Heart14: wouldn't it be scary if you

PsychoPlushBunny: .. hahaha

PsychoPlushBunny: hahaha!!

PsychoPlushBunny: lmao!!

PsychoPlushBunny: AHHHAHAHA

PsychoPlushBunny: yes it would be

Kairi of Heart14: get me a sign

PsychoPlushBunny: okay

PsychoPlushBunny: I

PsychoPlushBunny: will

PsychoPlushBunny: try to get two

Kairi of Heart14: if there is a homeless
body...take a picture

PsychoPlushBunny: and I'll hang one on my wall

PsychoPlushBunny: Okay

PsychoPlushBunny: haha

PsychoPlushBunny: I hope I see one

PsychoPlushBunny: Oh I went to LC, I was going to take a
picture of a Fat Man for you

PsychoPlushBunny: but I didn't

Kairi of Heart14: to bad

PsychoPlushBunny: I know

PsychoPlushBunny: I went with Chelsea shes like "Theres a
Fat Man!!Take a picture!"

PsychoPlushBunny: but I didn't because he looked hungry

Kairi of Heart14: lllllll

PsychoPlushBunny: hey andrea "If you buy this..."

PsychoPlushBunny: HAHAHAHA!!

Kairi of Heart14: ahahahaha

PsychoPlushBunny: and the "I LOOOOOOOOOOVE

PsychoPlushBunny: xD

PsychoPlushBunny: haha

PsychoPlushBunny: ahhhahahaha

Kairi of Heart14: ha and the cok pot

PsychoPlushBunny: hahaha

PsychoPlushBunny: AHHHAHAHA

PsychoPlushBunny: "will you put that man's nuts in your

PsychoPlushBunny: xDD

PsychoPlushBunny: hahaha

Kairi of Heart14: ahahaha

PsychoPlushBunny: Oh I know, In Manhattan, I'll take a picture
of one of those hot dog men

PsychoPlushBunny: haha

Kairi of Heart14: yeah there greasy and

PsychoPlushBunny: hahha I know

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11:36am 09/08/2004
mood: mellow

yes, I'm moving to greatestjournal. I feel I can be more creative with GJ because I can make layouts and whatnot, unlike LJ.

I usually don't stay in one spot long, I just may come back here if GJ doesn't work out.

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

nbjdtbhnkreg Hello   
11:52am 08/08/2004
  ugh I fucking hate my sister, she’s such a skank.

Me and Chelsea were happily talking to Phil, but then Chelsea put a metal nail file into my camera hookup and it made the computer restart and fry up.
Anyway I fixed it, and we got back on AIM (yay) and then my stupid ass sister comes down stairs and is like "Let me go on MSN! I need to get a ride to work" and I told her "No, I need to apologize to Phil for just magically getting off, plus, your 18 why don't you drive!?" and then she just fucking attacked me, right in front of Chelsea.
I hate my fucking family, they're fucking abusive.

I'm so tired.. Chelsea and I stayed up until like.. 2:40AM talking to Phil lmao. Now we look like death xD

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Shit Happens!! "I think 'Stuff happened is more appropriate'"   
09:07pm 07/08/2004
mood: happy
Yes! I got my father into picking me and Chelsea up from LC!! WOOPEE!! lmao

Well we get there and Phil said to meet him "By the big Map" so we waited.. and He never showed and me and Chelsea are like "What the Hell?" So we just bought our tickets and hoped we can find him. Well after like 3 hours of looking and going around the park like 15 times, we find him running the big Wheel (thing… o.o). Lmao

Me: Look! A show! (haha) lets watch it!
Chelsea: Okay
*walk past wheel*
both: O.O;;; IS THAT PHIL!?
Me: *runs up to the wheel* What’s your name!?
Phil: Read the Nametag.
Me: I can't see it! *GASP* PHIL!! LOOK CHELSEA ITS PHIL!!!

haha yeah, that’s when we 1st found Phil.. xDD
Well, after, on his break we just kinda.. walked around? that’s about it xP

Then me and Chelsea had to sit all alone, until he got off work (Yay! Off Work) and then, we walked to the train... place.. thingy... and Chelsea and Phil are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute together!!

aren't they fucking CUTE!? CUTE MY ASS! FUCKING ADDORABLE IS IT!! bwahhahaha

Chelsea = Lucky ! xD

Lmao, I hope they're together now.. better be damnit! >.<" And if they ever break up.. then.. well.. I DIE! bwahhahahaha!

(when we got back to my house)
Me: Why didn't you kiss him?
Chelsea: You were there!
Chelsea: Oh.. I thought he gave me one
Me: ...*sweatdrop*


Yay.. that’s it.. I love them both.

PS: Phil, I love you hair!! <3
Pss: Phil, Ask Chelsea out! xDDDD
Psss: o.o;; HI! xDD
Pssss: Sorry for Hitting you
Psssss: Chelsea says "I'm sorry I didn't kiss you *sad*"

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11:05pm 06/08/2004
mood: sad
*sobs hysterically*
We finally get a way to see Phil, but now we can't see him because it's all my fault

Chelsea's mom will bring us to LC (where Phil works), but we need a ride home, so it would only be right if my parents would fucking drive us home. No. My parents are fucking assholes and won't bring us home.

I'm seriously hysterically crying. It's all my fault.

I'm letting down both Chelsea and Phil, and myself.

I'm so worthless.. I hate letting people down.. And I always do.

I hate myself. I wish I would die.

I just don't believe I'm letting down so many people. everyone hates me now. *sobs*

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

03:13pm 06/08/2004
mood: lonely

so bored, that I'm drawing... blah..
I don't normaly post my drawings.. So, this one is lucky, and it sucks.

well, I'm doing my dream of posting 3 times in one day.

I was thinking.. maybe I should move to greatest journal.. make a blog there xP I just like the fact that I can make a layout easly..
Meh.. I will look into it :D

comment people.. I am lonely u.u;;

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To be the last one to sing you to sleep!   
12:22pm 06/08/2004
mood: confused
XM3t4LX: can u tell Chelsea i can't make it tomorrow. I'm really sorry and I will make it up ASAP.
Auto response from PsychoPlushBunny: Not sure what i'm doing now.. all i know is that its something :D

>.<"" Ooooo!! And I was soo fucking excited too!! DAMN YOU!!! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU!!

Ugh, and YOU make ME call Chelsea!

abandonedXhell: now i am crying
abandonedXhell: i am sooooo sad
abandonedXhell: you should call him and tell him to call me cause i am crying
abandonedXhell: cause you are my best friend

*siiiiiiiiiiigh* I have no Idea what is happening T-T; Why am I always in the middle of theses goddamn things?

I don't know what to think...
I kinda feel bad for Phil, because Chelsea will make it seem worst than it really is.
But I feel for Chelsea, because we had this all planed, and she is really emotional and shit and... shit..

But its none of their faults...

I know!!

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

08:50am 06/08/2004
mood: excited
haha I'm not wearing my glasses.. I can't see that good, but, I can see!! :D

Lmao, yesterday, Chelsea dyed my Dark DarK Brown hair black. My mom didn't notic, until Kim had to point it out. Then she said it looked nice but she has to get used to it. My sister loves it though.

*sings*"Here is your broken character, the one left of heaven!!!!!"
Oh dear god, I can't get it out of my head now, Thanks Chelsea. >:(
Ugh. I always have that song in my head because my stalker, my stalker's friend, and my father, like that song. I like it too, but.. I don't like having it in my head >.>;; Damn and right when I got it out too, god Chelsea. Lmao. I love you xDDD

Well, yesterday at Chelsea's was funnie bunny! lmao xD We dyed my hair black, I had left over dye, so we dyed Chelsea's sister's hair black (and now she doesn't want it >.<") and Chelsea's hair is this odd purple/brownish.. I dunno, but it looks really good xD

Lmao, when we went to walmart, Chelsea needed a new bra because her fucking boobs are huge and her mom said that she wasn't going to buy her one, so I did. Then once I bought it for her, Chelsea's mom is like "Chelsea, if you want you can get a bra" lmao.

Hahaha Chelsea has that fasey masky on xD it makes me laugh.. we have lots more pictures, but I'm too lazy to post them.

Today,I'm sleeping over chelsea's, and we need to wake up early to "get ready" for Phil.. :/
I'm excited to see Chelsea's Boyfriend (bwahahaha >:D)

I think we're going to be picked up by Jenn, and Monica, and then we're going to go to the movies (I'm going to scream *sobs*) Then we're going to go to the mall.
and...yeah... o.o;;

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*scratches head*   
10:34am 05/08/2004
mood: dorky
PsychoPlushBunny: i couldn't sleep at all last nigh
PsychoPlushBunny: night*
abandonedXhell: me neither
PsychoPlushBunny: i kept like.. easing in and out of a deep sleep
abandonedXhell: OMG me too
PsychoPlushBunny: and then at like 3 i just woke up entirely
PsychoPlushBunny: OMG!!
PsychoPlushBunny: TWINS!!
PsychoPlushBunny: lmao
abandonedXhell: omg that is freaky cause the same exact thing happened to me
abandonedXhell: omg thats really creepy
PsychoPlushBunny: i know... o.o
PsychoPlushBunny: we're ment to be together chelsea... quick, kiss me!!
lmao j/k j/k j/k!
PsychoPlushBunny: xDDD
abandonedXhell: lol
abandonedXhell: LMAO
abandonedXhell: wow
abandonedXhell: ok
abandonedXhell: *kiss*
PsychoPlushBunny: LMAO xD
abandonedXhell: hahahah

Yeah, I couldn't sleep at all, I just woke up at 3 and listened to music, I went Online, and Tetsu was on it was like.. I dunno, maybe 7PM, where he is.

t3tsu f0r y0u: I love you Stef, I need you, you need me, when I get home, lets make sweet love.
PsychoPlushBunny: Tetsu, your an Asshole..

Yep, that was that convo, xD I hate you Tetsu!! Go die! lmao

OoooEE! xP sometime today I'm going to Chelsea's, then we're going to go to Walmart and make trouble (okay, Only I'll make trouble.. ¬.¬;) Yup, Gotta love Walmart, its got low prices everyday!! OMG!!! YEAH!! xDD Walmart can be my like.. 26th lover xD lmao funny shit.

.. i dunno.. i'll post something later.. (haha at 1st I wrote "Laser" xD)

"Oishi-inoga daisuki, Daikirai wa MEKARA BIIMU shite baku hatsu"
("I like delicious things, I shoot eye beams at the things i hate and make them explode!")

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03:32pm 04/08/2004
mood: good
Whine. Whiiiine. It's another one of those days. Again. Yes, those days. You know, yet *another* one of those particularly rotten days where everything goes wrong; when you drop your ice cream on the pavement by mistake and watch it melt into a sad little puddle on the sidewalk. It's quite pathetic.

As a side note, I've decided not to trust Microsoft Word. The following sentence passes both the spelling and grammar check with full marks: "Eye in stall lead wit ma soffit wear." *cough* Yes. Yes indeed. Perfect grammar. The word 'soffit' does show up as a spelling mistake, but it's wrong. My uncle used to build houses, so I am entitled to know this. Ahem. "The underside of a structural component of a building, for example, the underside of a roof overhang or the inner curve of an arch," according to my dictionary. So there. Take that, MS Word. Garbage in, garbage out, mates. There's no way around it. Yay for technology.

Well. That was productive. I think maybe I'll go heat up some leftover chinese food or something. And sit around on the sofa with a glass of apple cider and be very lazy. That sounds about right. ^^

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04:14pm 03/08/2004
mood: thankful

Just waking up from my nappy! Yay! Nappy! Haha bed head xD

I haven't taken a nap since I was like five.. It felt good having a rest. Now I'm going to be up all night! xD

Chelsea never called me.. But I'm happy! xD
I think it would of been for the best because I am a horrible person. Yes I am mean, and I would of said something.. xDD

I need to get new lip rings. I was s'post to get some today but I was too busy waiting for a call by some one ¬.¬ *eyes shift* Now I need to wait until next week.. >.<' I need them NOOOOOOW!!

1714-264-0476 < Jim's number.. haha call it xD kidding, don't

I like singying!!
"I covered my ears under the blood red sky
I stopped feeling my life fading away.

Though this heart ache clearly makes me suffer so,
I don't know how to make a sad face.

I stood motionless on the scorched earth,
unconcerned with what is right and what is wrong.

The gentle warmth I had held precious, taken from me,
I lost even my anger, I merely want to sleep but,

I hear your voice, so I look for you
before this poison rain washes it all away

If we can make it back to that place,
we'll meet again with smiles.
Because when the tragedy has come to an end,
we'll see the answer.

The distant shining future we saw together,
I don't think it was this wasteland we see before us now.

I hear your voice, so I look for you
before this poison rain washes it all away
I need you to shine a light on the darkness,
This body about to fall apart needs you.

If we can make it back to that hill,
we'll meet again with smiles.
Surely in the season when this rain turns to snow"

I love Acid Rain by Pierrot!!! Its such a pretty song! And I'm ohhhhh soooooooo nice because I translated the kanji, and then the Japanese to English xD




[Funnie Bunnie ; 9 shooting star(s)s yay! Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

I need |-|31|0!!!   
08:34am 03/08/2004
mood: stressed
ughhhhh having my lip pierced is fucking annoying now with these god damned clear studs!!!!!!!!!! I keep in losing the clear tops, and everytime i do that I need to go the tha god damn mall and pay fucking $5 for a peice of small ass plastic. I'm fucking poor and I can't even afford the cap, but I'm gonna find some way to get lip rings. I'm starting to really REALLY hate studs because they fall out.

Anyway, back to my story, I lost the cap to my stud, and then the whole lip stud fell out. Here I am, SOBING! I need sooooo much help! No one is home to help me though. My mom just has to bring my stupid ass OLDER sister to learn how to drive!!Shes like.. how old? and she can't drive... ¬.¬"""
Now I can't get the stud threw the back without help, so I just jabbed it in in frount. It sucks because the back is going to close up a little because the end is a little smaller than the bass. ugh..

I need these:

But they only come in 16 Gauge, but I need 14. This sucks. God just hates me.

[Funnie Bunnie ; 8 shooting star(s)s yay! Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

blah blah bloogie blah! xD I like my pretty f33t, beause I am 1337! 8\/\/4|-|4|-|a!   
07:26pm 02/08/2004
mood: weird
*on the phone:*
Chelsea: Ohmigosh I showed Phil your journal and when we read how Phil was my boyfriend, we both started laughing!
Me:...I thought he was.. *sticks tounge out*
Me: But you like him?
Chelsea: YEAH!

wait.. does Phil read this??

1 4/\/\ 500000 1337! 4/\/|) |-|077!

Now.. for singy! SINGY!!

"Don't tell me why
I'm so near to commit a crime
When I stay alone here in front of you

Illusion falls when you're not honest about the way I feel
I know I need only your voice

Saving all my words only for you
Forgive me
Saving all my words only for you
I don't know why

There's a limit to defy
With the vision of the future at my feet

The night embrace me while
This picture simply blows me away
I feel I'll need only your voice

And I'm lonely here inside of me
Deep inside of me
Believe in the light in me

And I'm lonely here inside of me
Deep inside of me
Reveal the light in me

Saving all my words only for you
Forgive me

And I'm lonely here inside of me
Deep inside of me
Believe in the light in me

And I'm lonely here inside of me
Deep inside of me
I've never
Never felt myself this way before
I don't want to leave you with my fears
If you'll disappear

Believe in the light in me
Saving all my words only for you

Forgive me
Falling on knees only for you
Forgive me"</b>

[Funnie Bunnie ; 4 shooting star(s)s yay! Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

nkgfdkfjdsgdsytds i love you ;D   
10:17am 02/08/2004
mood: okay
I haven't been doing much, its only like 10 though. I've been playing Neopets! lmao. Its fun though, I like playing it. Hahaha some one sent me a neomail saying my username (d0lls) is sexy! xD! hahaha I know ;9

Josie's friend made a surver for Ragnarok Online. I wanna play it, but my time is out and I'm too poor to pay for it this month. Plus, I'm starting school really soon.

Yesterday when I went to the mall, I got my lip done again, and they streched it, and it hurts REALLY bad. I had the clear studs put in, and they just have little cap things that don't screw in they just kinda, slid on, and I lost them xD I need to go to the mall soon. I'll see if Dana wants to come. :D

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

08:01pm 01/08/2004
mood: lazy
MAN, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY ME AND FRIENDS?! our saturday nights have dwindled down to NOTHING but PROSTITUTE searching! yeah we went around the Ghetto look for some whores. lmao Joz was gonna be like "hey give us tips to better blow jobs!" haha but NOPE while WE were looking for the prostitutes THEY were pr'olly out on their break or something! maybe a whore party! haha "NO! prostitutes arent allowed to rest!" - tetsu

my left leg is so fucking sore. I met up with some friends yesterday (before the whore searching) and we played DDR..ok I didn't even play much and I stretched a muscle?! my friend that was playing for 8 HOURS (EIGHT!!) is fine! wahhh~ Also got to play Initial D version3! AND YES. 25 cents BABY!! no way I was gonna spend $1 on that shit. (some loser put in 75cents) mwhaha

Oh! Today, I want to the mall, and the Sample Man at the Japanese food place wouldn't stop hitting on me.. He wasn't a nice looking Asian either.. ¬.¬;

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

mirai e tsuzuiteru   
12:00am 01/08/2004
mood: blah
Well.. it midnight.. HAPPY NEW YEARS!! ahhahaha kidding.. its HAPPY 1ST DAY OF AUGUST!!!!

*sigh* I've been all.. "blah" all day.. I can't stop thinking about... things.. like money, my lip piercing, and ALEX. All of which I need really bad, but will never get.

The main thing I keep thinking about is Alex though. (Alex is Grace's older brother) I saw him yesterday.. erm.. two days ago. He walk threw the door (while Dana, Pat, Erica, Colleen, Grace and I were watching Austin Powers), I looked at him, he looked at me and kinda smirked, and went up stairs. Colleen was like "Your all red!! Do you have something for Grace's bro??" lmao. My reply "Soooooo Hott, want to touch the hiney!" lmao. I'm messed up.
Grace told him I liked him, and he said he didn't like me much.. or something, which sucks. I wanted to go to Alex's room and say "Alex, I love you, will you marry me??" but Dana wouldn't go with me, and when we finally were going to, we had to leave >.<"
I wonder if he heard me when Grace, Dana,and I were playing Zelda! lmao "Lets do something constructive!! lets makes Grace's brother run threw an obstacle course and then we can rub him down with oil!" lmao!! Grace hates it when I talk like that about her brother. She says its "disturbing" ... which it probably is.

"Even now I remember
The dream I had on the day you left
When I reached for your tear-streaked cheek
It vanished into the darkness
suddenly awaken

As reality intrudes on my reverie
I found you within a crimson-stained man

Because I now understand
The meaning of the promise we exchanged
I look up at the fleeting shooting star
Shining in the distant sky and smile

Whenever my eyes waver, I remember that
Though I gazed into your eyes, I was looking from afar

Because I now understand
The meaning of the promise we exchanged
I look up at the fleeting shooting star
Shining in the distant sky and smile"

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

06:53am 31/07/2004
mood: pissed off
I am so fucking pissed off.

It has been 3 1/2 monthes since I got my lip peirced, and the people said by 3 monthes it should be healed and shit so I can take them out, because I need to for school.
Well, for Grace's party, I took them out. After 8 hours, my lip had closed up. Now I have no lip peircings. Fuck! I can understand having them out for a week and having them close up, but not fucking 8 hours! *pissed pissed*
I'm going back to where I got them done today, and I'm going to ask them if their really closed up or not. But I need to wait until fucking 5pm, so their gonna be closed already.
If they're closed, I need to spend another $127 getting re peirced! All because thoses fuckers said it should be healed by now.
Let me go and try to stab my lip rings back in.

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]

09:18am 30/07/2004
mood: crazy
Me + Hoockie Skirt = NO!

hahaha explains it all.

a week ago, I wanted to buy a nice little skirt for China town. So I went to Hot Topic to avoid getting the bootie/hoockie skirts. Well I found this one, and I said "I like this! But does it look alittle.. umm.. 'hoockie'?" and Jos was like "No" so I bought it. Well when I got home I found out it WAS in fact a bootie skirt!

Anyway, Josie was over this morning, and shes like "PUT ON THE HOOKIE SKIRT!!! PUT ON THE HOOKIE SKIRT!!" so I did and she took a picture lmao.

will update later, once I come home from Grace's party :D

[ Happy hearts and rainbows D:]